Pittsburgh Algorave

Pittburgh’s first official algorave!

Lil Data [PC Music, UK] – Mangled hyper-pop stylings for booty wiggling.
“This guy is pretty good” -A

Calum Gunn [Conditional, UK] – Bone chilling post-rave synth stabs with fractured percussion to boot.
“Mark Fell if he previously had a successful breakcore alias” -A

Kindohm [Conditional, MN] – US live-coding don & potential cheese curd master of Minneapolis.
“lake master. grizzled ancient. iron range hermit.” -A

BLÆRG [Mozyk, MN] – Return of our favorite Pittsburgh live coding nemesis.
“Just intriguing enough to put up with” -A

Spednar [Cosmic Sound, PA] – semi-tasteful snare stylings and sounds of failed computation.
“80 people once walked out during this performance” -A

Char Stiles – Char is a recent graduate of CMU who’s work questions the relation of human-computer interaction with regard for activism and collaboration. She has recently begun live coding as an extension of her previous digital explorations.

REW – Rachel Wagner is a Pittsburgh based visualist and videographer with a sensibility for lush and ethereal textures. Her work provokes a sense of childlike exploration surrounding the delicate pairing between auditory and visual output.

Event Info:
Sept 16th 2017
Peirce Studio – (805 Liberty Avenue)
Doors 8:30 / Music 9:00pm
$10 Admission

Pittsburgh Algorave is part of Cosmic Fest – A series of events spanning a weekend sponsored by various Pittsburgh promotion groups.


For our 5th birthday party we ran a 24 hour nonstop stream with 48 people contributing 30 mins each from round the world, some new to algorave + some old timers. It was a great time, the archive is here (with a few gaps we are still filling, check back later for the full 24h)



Algorave is an open and growing community. We’re always happy to hear from new live coding or algorithmic music performers – even if it would be your first gig, and we’d be particularly interested to hear from performers who belong to underrepresented groups. Get in touch via the Contact page if you’re interested in performing at future Algoraves or if there’s an Algorave happening near you that you’d like to perform at!


Algorave at AlgoMech festival

AlgoMech (the Festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement) is a festival taking place for the first time in Sheffield, UK, 12-19th Nov 2016, bringing together algorithmic and mechanical approaches to performing arts, and celebrating the “performance of making”.

The festival will include a full-on Algorave on Friday 18th Nov in Millennium Gallery, featuring top notch algorithmic producers from around the world, mixing in a couple of artists who create mechanical rather than algorithmic systems in the creation of Techno.

Full info, including lineup + tickets on the algomech website.