Pittsburgh Algorave

Pittburgh’s first official algorave!

Lil Data [PC Music, UK] – Mangled hyper-pop stylings for booty wiggling.
“This guy is pretty good” -A

Calum Gunn [Conditional, UK] – Bone chilling post-rave synth stabs with fractured percussion to boot.
“Mark Fell if he previously had a successful breakcore alias” -A

Kindohm [Conditional, MN] – US live-coding don & potential cheese curd master of Minneapolis.
“lake master. grizzled ancient. iron range hermit.” -A

BLÆRG [Mozyk, MN] – Return of our favorite Pittsburgh live coding nemesis.
“Just intriguing enough to put up with” -A

Spednar [Cosmic Sound, PA] – semi-tasteful snare stylings and sounds of failed computation.
“80 people once walked out during this performance” -A

Char Stiles – Char is a recent graduate of CMU who’s work questions the relation of human-computer interaction with regard for activism and collaboration. She has recently begun live coding as an extension of her previous digital explorations.

REW – Rachel Wagner is a Pittsburgh based visualist and videographer with a sensibility for lush and ethereal textures. Her work provokes a sense of childlike exploration surrounding the delicate pairing between auditory and visual output.

Event Info:
Sept 16th 2017
Peirce Studio – (805 Liberty Avenue)
Doors 8:30 / Music 9:00pm
$10 Admission

Pittsburgh Algorave is part of Cosmic Fest – A series of events spanning a weekend sponsored by various Pittsburgh promotion groups.

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