Algorithmic horizon

from 7 pm, 19th Nov. 2015 // Nanahari, Tokyo
Calum Gunn // Akimasa Yamada // Moxus // Renick Bell

from 8pm, 18th Dec. 2015 // Power Lunches, London
Anny // Calum Gunn // //  Dario Villanueva // Lil Data // Ollie Bown // Rituals // Shelly Knotts & Holger Ballweg // Yaxu

Algorithmic horizon

Sept 30 – Oct 10th – Japan tour
Sept. 30, Fukuoka, at the Fukuoka International Congress Center // Oct. 3, Fukuoka, at Black Out // Oct. 4, Osaka, at environment 0g // Oct. 8, Kyoto, at Urban Guild // Oct. 10, Tokyo, at Soup
Alo Allik // Andres Villa Torres // A.N.R.i. // APNOA // Cole Ingraham // Hitsuji // Ima // Moxus // Naoto Bando // Renick Bell // Smell in Stereo // Stephane Shibatsuji-Perrin // Swan Panda // Yousuke Fuyama
Full info:

10pm – 3am 10th Oct 2015 // DINA Sheffield // Computer Club + Algorave at Connect the Dots festival
Leafcutter John // Polinski (65dos) // Shelly Knotts // Thor Magnusson // Hellocatfood + Rituals (visual overlay)
+ residents // Yaxu // Sheffield Bleep // Human

Also as part of connect the dots: live coding workshop @ access space
Free taste of free software: ixi lang, tidal, gibber, livecodelab

from 8pm-late, 12th Nov 2015 // Texture Manchester
Polinski (65dos) // Yaxu // Shelly Knotts + Holger Ballweg // Alo Allik // Anny // Joanne // CO34PT // Rituals

from 8pm, 14th Nov 2015 // Jubez Karlsruhe
Sam Aaron // Shelly Knotts // Norah Lorway // Alexandra Cardenas // Benoit + the Mandelbrots // Timothy Schmele

from 8pm, 18th Dec 2015 // Power Lunches, London
Anny // Calum Gunn // //  Dario Villanueva // Lil Data // Ollie Bown // Rituals // Shelly Knotts & Holger Ballweg // Yaxu


Algorithmic horizon

Some nice festivals coming up:

ISEA Vancouver, 14th Aug 2015
The International Symposium on Electronic Art comes to Vancouver, includes Algorave feat Yaxu, Norah Lorway, Sarlacc, GESMI, Hamster Ate My Garageband and Marinos Giannoukakis.
more info

British Science Festival Bradford, 7th Sep 2015
The BSF was first held in Bradford in 1873. This time algoravers Shelly Knotts, Antonio Roberts, Yaxu, and Tim Shaw will demonstrate some algorithmic a/v night science.
more info

Incubate festival Tilburg, 18th Sep 2015
This lovely music festival decided to include an algorave showcase as part of their programme of left-field electronics with performances from Leafcutter John, Canute, Norah Lorway and Sam Aaron.
more info

More to follow..

Computer Club

Sheffield Algorave #3 is on 20th March 2015 at [as], and comes courtesy of Computer Club, to celebrate their upcoming second release, a physical+digital EP from Yaxu.

Info on facebook
Tickets on eventbrite

On the bill:

Ardisson (Seed)

Lil data (PC Music)

Canute (Yeeking – Rephlex, Yaxu – Computer Club)

Norah Lorway (Xylem)

+ residents


Sheffield Bleep


Thanks to everyone who made July so much fun, great parties everywhere with folks visiting Europe from Mexico, Japan and Canada. Here’s a taste of the messy end of the stop in Manchester:

July is UK Algorave season

3rd July, London, Corsica Studios (NIME), Canute (Yee-King and Yaxu) + Renick Bell + Casper Electronics + FIRE + Charlie Roberts + Leslie Garcia
4th July, Brighton, The Loft (LCRN), Mico Rex + Norah Lorway + Renick Bell + Graham Wakefield + Ollie Bown + Chris McCormick + Alo Allik + Charlie Roberts + Aneurin Barker Snook (Anny FM) + Sarah Angliss + Adam Parkinson + Luuma + Glitch Lich
6th July, Sheffield, Audacious Space. Mico Rex + Renick Bell + D0kt0r0 (Canada) + Shelly Knotts + Holger Ballweg + Alo Allik + Yaxu & Swan Hunter + Sebastian Oldsmith
7th July, Leeds, Enjoy Art Space
8th July, Manchester, Deaf Institute (link soon)
9th July, York, Woolpack Inn, Mico Rex + Renick + Electrobattlingdroids + more tbc



Algorave in Mexico City

algorhumbaMexico City, the home of the legendary /* vivo */ festival and maybe the most vibrant live coding culture around, have an Algorave coming up on 7th June 2014 with a super lineup. This is the first of a series of events at the newly opened Centro de Cultura Digital. Get there if you can, code and mezcal go too well together. Official info here.