104 live streams of algorithmic dance music+friends over 52 hours, a mixture of solo streams from across the world + live events in Buenos Aires, McMaster, Melbourne, NYC, Tokyo, Troy, São Paulo, Sheffield, London, and Medellin.

Starts 15 March at 19:30 GMT + ends 17 March at 23:59:59 GMT.

contributors to include: 17.2m, AARD, ACORDE (ITM live coding Orchestra), Alexandra Cárdenas, Atsushi Tadokoro, bgold, Bruce LANE, Byrke Lou, Calum Gunn, Charlie Roberts, Class Compliant Audio Interfaces, CNDSD + Ivan Abreu , co(n)de Zero, co34pt, codepage, Dago Sondervan, deep vain, Dragica Kahlina, ecco (GRAIN noir / moxus), Essteb Machina, from ankara, gluggergames, Graham Dunning, Guiot, Heavy Lifting, Hlöðver Sigurðsson, hmurd, Hortense, J Crowley, J Simon van der Walt, Joseph Wilk, Kindohm, LCNE, Leon Trimble, Live Code + Chipmusic, Mauro, Metaritmos, Miri Kat, monekeer, munshkr, Olbos, p38, Patrick Borgeat, Qirky, Reserved, RGGTRN 4.0, Santiago Beta, Sideb0ard, Spednar, Tijs Ham / Tapage, Vou + Weightausend

You can see the 2017 stream here.