Algorave Sheffield 6th July 2017

Algorithmic Dance Culture

20:00-02:00, Saturday 1st September 2018
DINA, Cambridge Street, S1 4HP
Tickets (or £5 on the door)
[facebook event page]

Algorave = algorithmic dance music, live coded in front of you with projections of code + visuals. International line-up of future-facing algorithmic producers making all kinds of techno in room 1, plus chillout experiments in room 2.

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// Line up

Renick Bell x Chiho Oka // Tokyo
Renick’s mutating rhythms meet Chiho’s wonky melodies in their disorientating take on Algorave.
Tadokoro // Tokyo
Bringing high definition, intensive audio/visual techno over from Algorave Tokyo.
Akihiro Kubota // Tokyo
Our third act on tour from Algorave Tokyo, with new experiments in algorithmic rap.
Linux Lewis // Sheffield
Happy tunes from Sheffield’s own Off Me Nut alterego.
Down from Newcastle and Leeds, 2 babes, 2 laptops and 1 weird, thumping sound. listen
Tiemposdelruido // Berlin
Alexander Cardenas bringing noise from Columbia via Mexico and Berlin, sometimes with a Latin flavour..
LiveDog, Inc. // Newcastle
Algorave co-founder bringing fresh hardcore technology.
TYPE // Yorkshire
Supergroup formed of Heavy Lifting, Qirky, and Loz taking melodic techno in surprising directions. listen
Innocent // Sheffield
Dancefloor oriented algorithmic experiments from local Foxdot live coder Innocent (his real name).
Thorsten Sideb0ard // SF
From Glasgow via San Francisco, Highpoint Lowlife selector has turned to algorithms, turning twisted techno out of his new SoundB0ard system. listen
Neil C Smith // Reading
Can the Amen Break be twisted any further? Always. It’s hard to believe that no other sample is used in this set, but it’s true.. listen
Digital Selves // London
TidalCyclist Lizzie Wilson bringing the kicks up from London. listen
Alejandro Albornoz tedthetrumpet Hellocatfood
Can Ince