H.Al.I.C. is a live-coding duo searching for an interactive combination of audio and image generation to create music and visuals in real-time, originating from the same data. H.Al.I.C. is using Clojure, a dynamic programming language that targets the Java Virtual Machine. Both audio and visuals are using open source environments : Overtone and Quil. All sound of the music , generated by a laptop in this performance, is synthesized in Supercollider using Overtone, without the use of any samples, only synthesizers are involved. The visuals are generated in Quil, combining Clojure with Processing. The data used to generate graphics will be send to the synthesizers through a bi-directional communication pipeline to manipulate the sound, and at the same time, modulation data of the synthesizers can be send to provide parameters to generate images. In addition , Sondervan’s DIY electronic drum-kit will be used to interact with the coded autonomic composing and improvisation tool, making use of Axoloti, an open source, digital audio platform for makers. halic.be