Algorave Elephant

London! We’re back in Corsica Studios, Elephant+Castle 20th June 2019, two rooms of algorithmic bangers and experiments respectively.
Tickets up here: PFTP and here: RA

Advance tickets will finish around 6:30pm, after that it’ll be £15 on the door. See you later !

Line up

Lil Data

Lil Data is a multimedia artist and performer currently releasing music made with TidalCycles on PC Music. They’re going to be making uptempo hard funky psy techno pop like this.
[ twitter | soundcloud ]

Graham Dunning wearing a Heavy Lifting shirt

Heavy Lifting is Lucy writing confused live code in TidalCycles, using found sounds and 90s synths. Graham Dunning explores sound as texture, timbre and something tactile, drawing on bedroom producing, tinkering and recycling found objects. Graham Dunning and Heavy Lifting perform together using TidalCycles for the first time in a new collaboration put together specially for this event. For fans of rave stabs and off-kilter rhythms.
[ Dunning video | Heavy audio ]


Deerful is Emma Winston, a singer-songwriter, producer, and algorithmic pixie dream girl based in London. Deerful will perform a set of algorithmic pop songs in ixi lang.
[ facebook | instagram | youtube | soundcloud ]

Class Compliant Audio Interfaces

CCAI (Class Compliant Audio Interfaces) are Sheffield-based hybrid live code duo Yaxu (Alex McLean – co-founder of the Algorave movement and creator of TidalCycles) and Damu (Sam Schorb – genre-hopping producer with releases on Keysound). They’ll making reliable, yet heavily improvised techno from live code and drum machines.
[ website | twitter ]

Linux Lewis

Linux Lewis (aka Phatworld/Squire of Gothos/Spongebob Squarewave etc) brings algorithmic bassline from Sheffield’s much loved Offmenut records.

xname live

xname is a conceptual electronic artist who makes performances and interactive installations with light, noise, dust and electromagnetic fields. She is also a DJ and label boss of Nebularosa Records. In antithesis to computer music, a procedural set of intense bass driven dark noise techno constructed with analogue machines. What is an /ˈalɡərɪð(ə)m/ anyway?
[ video | audio | twitter | facebook | insta ]


hellocatfood is the alias of Antonio Roberts, an artist and curator based in Birmingham, UK. He has provided visuals for the likes of MTV, Com Truise, Blood Sport, Steve Davis, Henry Homesweet and My Panda Shall Fly and at events including SXSW, Supersonic Festival, Barbican, Green Man festival and more. He’ll be Using open source software and glitch art techniques to create live generative visuals.
[ twitter | flickr | insta | youtube ]

Miri Kat

Iranian-born, UK resident Miri Kat is a livecoder / AV artist / producer from London. Interested in music tech, web technologies, hacking, creative coding, algorithmic music and generative visuals. Blasting speedcore, hi-velocity breakcore and some more serious brooding and ethereal stuff with a focus on ambience and creeping atmosphere.
[ youtube | soundcloud | twitter ]

Hard on Yarn Sourdonk Communion

Hard on Yarn Sourdonk Communion recall the hereditary instinct that when an act is performed, it must be performed with a donk on. They harken back to the oldest days of the donk, a secret society whose shrouded practises reverberate worldwide on the off-beat. We ask you to join them, with communion bucky in hand. Lest the world forget, the Sourdonk will remember. Put a donk on it.
What they’ll make -> purely monastic computer music. Complete with ritual practises, pounding flurries of kick drums and the most comprehensive presentation of donk sample packs currently available on the world wide web.

Coral Manton

Coral is an audiovisual artist from Bristol, experimenting with live-coding and electronics exploring improvised audio and visual composition at clubs and festivals across Europe. She is an active organiser, making algoraves in dis-used police cells and most recently in a take over of the iconic British Library. At times she will be making vector based visuals and at others using Gibberwocky to create lo-fi glitchy techno.
[ home | twitter ]

Digital Selves

digital selves is a London based musician who uses live coded algorithms of computer synthesis and found sounds to create a fusion of melodic lo-fi and industrial techno. They’ll be throwing down some TidalCycles code to make glitchy computerised techno.
[ twitter | soundcloud | youtube ]


Rumblesan is Guy John, a London based, live-coding visualist and pusher of abstract shapes, shifting hues, and mis-used gifs. He uses the Improviz environment to throw colours at walls and illuminate the dancefloors of the UK Algorave scene.

Hortense’s desktop

Blue Maignien (they/them) performs using TidalCycles as Hortense. Their poetic work explores the unique possibilities of the medium of live coding to engage with issues around mental health. In the future, Blue would like to keep making radio and contribute to building caring sonic environment.


+777000 (XCERO / Edited Arts): a London-based digital enthusiast creating melodramatic code: repurposing pop, trance and RnB for eccentric + emotional incidents.
[ soundcloud ]


Tsun Winston Yeung is a Hongkongese musician/researcher base in Birmingham. His musical practise includes live coding, biodata sonification, stochastic music. An active member of the laptop ensemble BEER (Birmingham Ensemble for Electroacoustic Research). They’ll be making a sensor-aided live coding performance with intense beats and noise.
[ video | audio ]


BITPRINT is a cybernetic performance manufacturing system for fabricating music and plastic objects live in front of an audience.
[ video ]


mathr is interested in the complex emergent behaviour of simple systems and mathematical aesthetics. They perform with home made software to manipulate audio synthesis algorithms while they are running.
[ video ]


luuma has been livecoding a mixture of acid techno, breakcore, noise music and shoegaze at algoraves since the heady days of 2013. He’s also a musical instrument designer and improviser, plays a hacked cello in Feedback Cell and Brain Dead Ensemble.